Your trip to Southeast Asia is well on its way. You’ve got your tickets, you’ve done research on the best spots for photos and food, now all that’s left is to pack! If you’re stopping along Singapore during your Southeast Asia trip, you might be wondering what the weather is like in Singapore! Don’t you worry, Singapore Trip Guide has the best tips to fill your suitcase, whether large or small.

Heat in Singapore

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s pretty much always hot in Singapore. That’s right–the weather stays super warm and humid year round. The reason is because Singapore is pretty close to the equator which is the closest to the sun based on how the earth rotates. Whether it’s March when it’s usually spring time in other places of the world or when it’s December and Christmas decorations are out with fake snow, Singapore stays at around a nice 85 degrees Fahrenheit no matter when it is. Some people love the year round sun and don’t mind the heat very much but it’s not a favorite climate for many.

Humidity in Singapore

We’ve driven in the point that it’s very hot in Singapore but it’s also extremely humid. Humidity affects people’s skin, hair, and sweat levels differently but the main thing is it’s definitely going to make you sweat. There’s a joke that during weekends, the only people walking outside in the sun are tourists and visitors because Singaporeans will try to stay out of the sun no matter what. They’re used to all that heat so they can’t get away from it fast enough. With the humidity, it’s best to wear clothing made out of textiles that dry quickly like sweat wicking material. A lot of athletic wear is made of this type of material that dries when there’s a breeze or when you can sneak into a mall with air conditioning.

Thunderstorms in Singapore

Additionally, Singapore frequently gets flash storms in the middle of the day. Most of the time, thunderstorms that pour a ton of rain don’t last too long–something like 20 to 30 minutes, however, it comes down hard. Due to this, it might be best to have a pair of flip flops or other sandals that breathe well and dry off quickly. If you’re really trying to avoid getting your toes wet, maybe a pair of rain boots might serve you well. The only downside to rain boots is it’ll be very stuffy in there with the heat and humidity of Singapore.

If sportswear and sweat-wicking clothing is not your style, try some light colors that reflect the heat of the sun well with materials like linen that are lighter in weight and quicker to dry. Linen is pretty thin and doesn’t absorb sweat the way cotton would. Other lightweight materials are silk or other synthetic material that is flowy and breezy.

Definitely bring shorts or dresses and skirts that let your body breathe as long pants really trap in the hot air and sweat. You’ll want short sleeves or sleeveless tops unless you are trying to protect your arms from the sun. Be sure to pack sunscreen as you’ll definitely need it with how blaring the sun is all day long. In the same vein, a sun hat or sunglasses would be helpful to project your head and eyes!

If you forget to pack anything during your trip to Singapore, there’s no need to worry. Singapore is so well stocked in all international brands and products that you’ll be able to find what you forgot in one of the countless malls that line Singapore’s major tourist areas. Hope you have a wonderful trip!