Singapore consists of 63 islands and the number has changed over the course of time. Some were incorporated into the main island and some new ones were created so it is hard to say how many islands will be there when you come to visit. But don’t worry, they always keep the best ones!

Because they are all so different, people can’t really decide on which ones are the best, but some of the most popular Islands of Singapore are:

Sentosa Island

It only takes a 10-minute ride by MRT and Sentosa Express to get to this island. If you like walking, there is a footbridge that will lead you to one of the island’s attractions. You can relax in Tanjong Beach Club, often named one of the best in the world.

When done relaxing and you want something to speed up your heart rate but playing in the sand and swimming is just not enough, you can ride a Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster in the Universal Studios. If you are with kids, they would surely enjoy a visit to the Underwater World.

Business partners would probably enjoy more if you take them for a game of golf in the Sentosa Golf Club.

If you would like to spend a night or five on the luxurious Sentosa Island, there are plenty of hotels with various prices and service levels.

St. John’s Island

It will take about 20 minutes of your time and S$18 to get to this lagoon occupied island. The ferry will take you from the World Trade Center or Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island`s nice beaches and picnic spots.

The beaches all have changing rooms, toilets, and shops. The best thing of all is that there are also bungalows for rent, so you can enjoy the island`s serenity when all the tourists have gone with the last ferry.

If you like walking, you can take a stroll over the concrete walkway down to Lazarus Island. It is the opposite of developed neighboring islands. Out here you will be able to enjoy unspoiled nature, one of the most beautiful beaches in region, palm trees and the jungle in the background.

Pulau Ubin

In the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, you can take a boat that will, for a fee of $2 one way, take you to this adventure seeker`s paradise. The wetlands are made for exploring and birdwatching, while the bike trails and great beaches complete the overall impression of untouched nature.

Pulau Ubin Island is home to one of Singapore’s last kampongs-old villages, so you will be able to enjoy its rustic charm.

Kusu Island

Kusu means ‘tortoise’ or ‘turtle’ in Hokkien. And the Island has a sanctuary that houses hundreds of these animals. But the name does not derive from that, but a legend that says that a giant turtle became an island so it could save two sailors.

After visiting the turtles at the sanctuary, you can go for a walk up to the 3 keramats. Those are shrines of Malay saints. It is said that visiting them will bring great wealth and fortune. But first, you must go up the trail of 152 steps. It is proof that wealth requires hard work.

The ferry starts at the Marina South Pier and the price is $18 for a round trip.

Sisters’ Island

Two islands separated by a narrow channel, and a legend of two sisters drowning or becoming islands just begged to be told. Many legends, in fact…

There are many versions to this legend, but the reality is that the Islands are perfect for picnics and camping, and you can enjoy some of the wonderful Singapore marine biodiversity at the Sisters’ Island Marine Park.

The ferry starts at the Marina South Pier, and the ticket costs $18 for a two-way trip.

Maybe you should be careful about the exact day that you are visiting it because the legend says that every year on that exact day the sisters turned into islands, there are storms and heavy rains.

Not that you should believe that.  But just to be safe!

So many Islands, so many legends and wonderful diversity. Within an hour or even half an hour, you can get from Singapore downtown to the amazing jungles, beaches, wetlands, and lagoons.

So, no excuses accepted. Get your Indiana Jones outfit, camping equipment or biking shorts ready. Adventure is waiting!