The love and obsession of food are essential in Asian culture. Singapore is no different. And in a cosmopolitan city where cultures meet and mix, the result can only be incredible variety and quality.

We are going to take a quick tour through some of the Michelin Starred Restaurants in Singapore.

They are plenty. Over 30 restaurants and street stalls have one Michelin star, and five restaurants have two. There is a wide selection of cuisines as well as prices. If you want to enjoy an exquisite French culinary experience and you don’t care about the price, Singapore will provide. Amazingly, it will also come through if you want to experience exquisite culinary experience by a street food stall, for an affordable price.

Some of the famous restaurants are:


Les Amis

It holds two Michelin stars one of the most famous and long-lasting. This is a classic French restaurant, and we assume one with the tightest security. They have a wine cellar with over 3000 bottles of the finest wines. Total worth is somewhere around 5 million US dollars.

Since the 90s, dining here was proof that you have made it in life.

The ambiance is classic and sophisticated, and no children under the age of 10 are allowed.

The prices match the ambiance and the fact that they have invested in vines a budget of a small country.

The Signature menu for Dinner is about $240, it includes osetra caviar with cold angel hair, french river eel, and pan-seared Foie Gras.

Lunch menus are more affordable, they start at $65, and go up to $155.


Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

This two-star restaurant is located in Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore. It is a proud representative of a Japanese twist on a Sichuan cuisine, with a lot of Cantonese dishes also.

The ambiance is classical and luxurious, high ceilings, and large chandeliers.  But the prices are well balanced, considering the reputation and settings.

The restaurant has a la carte, dim sum, and children’s menus.

Dim sum is only available during lunchtime, and it will cost you $6.50 for a Steamed Chicken Feet with Peanut, up to a $16.00 for a portion of Chinese Pancakes.

Some of the Specialties are Shisen Hanten Five Signature Appetizers – $24, Chille Spicy Noodle Soup – $22, Sautéed Szechuan Chilli Peppers and Chicken – $32, South African 3-Head Jumbo Abalone – $238.

If you are not that hungry, and you don’t want to see food go to waste, you can order half a portion, but this is not available for all the dishes.


CUT by Wolfgang Puck

It is located at Shoppes in the Marina Bay Sands, and it has one Michelin star. The menu is basically a meat-lowers haven because it combines the world’s finest meats, poultry, and seafood selection and house-made sauces.

The cuisine is modern, as well as the interior. Luxurious, but modern settings are a great place to enjoy some of their specialties.

The starters will cost you $ 28 for an heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese. The steak will relieve your wallet for $70 and up, and the sides $10 and up. Keep in mind that the sides are large portioned and meant to be shared.

Lunch menus are more affordable, so the First Cuts Menu, will set you back $88, for a 4-course meal.



One Michelin star found its way to this cute little restaurant, placed on a rooftop of a historical building in the heart of Boat Quay. The outdoor area provides enough space for 20 lucky people where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the river and the skyline while feasting on some of the finest Italian dishes. All of the food is prepared over the fire in a Josper oven and the shichirin grill.

The interior is modern, high end, and stylish just enough for you not to feel too stiff. Small size and excellent views make it a romantic getaway. And not a too expensive one, for that matter.

You can choose between a classic and gluten-free menu, A la carte or lunch menu.

The three-course lunch menu starts at $55 per person. If you decide on a la carte, the starters will cost you $28 up to $42, main courses from $48 to $88, and desserts are $20 per portion.


Shinji by Kanesaka

There are two of these Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore, both of them have one Michelin star. The first one that opened is located in Singapore’s Carlton Hotel, and the second one is in Oue Tower, overlooking Collyer Quay. They are considered to be the best Japanese sushi restaurant in Singapore.

The simple and elegant wood and paper dining room add considerably to the food tasting experience. Exceptional sushi and seafood dishes are an absolute treat, but that comes with a price

Hana Lunch Set is $75. For $450 you will get Omakase Shin which includes appetizer, assorted premium sashimi, assorted cooked dishes, sushi, soup, and Japanese fruit. And the Edomae Sushi set will cost you about $220.

After you are done visiting all of those restaurants, the great thing about Singapore’s city center is there are plenty of places to walk it off!