Want to check out a piece of India without actually going there? Little India Singapore is here for you. Located on the east side of the Singapore River, the popular neighborhood is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. You will see spacious tourist spots, buy different things, enjoy food, and meet new people while holidaying. Little India boasts many Indian temples, eateries, and other historical places that will give you a unique experience of Indian culture that has existed in Singapore for many years.

What should you do in Little India Singapore?

Visit Temples

Whether you plan to observe or take part in the spiritual customs, Little India Singapore is the right place for you. The Temple of 1,000 Lights allows you to view a 300 ton Buddha statue that stands 15 meters tall. The over 100-year temple offers a beautiful scene thanks to chains of lamps surrounding the figure. Once you dress like other worshippers, you can freely enter the temple and enjoy the magical spiritual premises. Knees should be covered and shoulders should not be bare.

A Sri Veeramakalimman Temple visit will leave you mesmerized. Built in the 19th Century by the Indians in Singapore, you can observe the ancient engineering expertise implemented on the structure. You can also learn about Sri Veeramakalimman’s survival story even after several airstrikes during the Second World War. Get to know the changes the temple has gone through such as the change of its name from Soonamb Kambamb Kovil to its current name and the lime kilns existence during its earlier era.

Go shopping

Are you looking for affordable products in Singapore? Visiting Mustafa Center will leave your bags full. The 24-hour shopping mall has affordable products and clean aisles that will give you a conducive environment for browsing and shopping. Although the Mustafa Center has narrow aisles and endless categories of goods, the benefit is you can find anything you need at this store.

Visiting Tekka Center will give you a glimpse into Little India’s busy economic identity. You can access various stalls that sell Indian foods, cheap products, and even receive tailoring services. See the variety of products varying in color, size, and price before making the right decision to go for what you need. Besides shopping, check out the bamboo trees along the Rochor Canal where Tekka Center is situated.

Visiting The Little India Arcade can take you back to the early 1900s when stalls have shop owners all pushing their wares. Walk through narrow aisles that separate various shop houses while checking out cultural products. You will have a chance to buy authentic Indian products that could leave your visit memorable. Enjoy Indian foods thanks to may stalls and eateries available along the walkways. End your day in style by getting your hand or arm decorated with hanna at one of the art spots.

Visit Heritage Centers

Are you in love with colors? The House of Tan Teng Niah along the Kerbau Road welcomes you. The two-story house boasts one of the last remaining structures built during the colonial period of British rule. Observe the Chinese architecture and the local color blending techniques used in the building. Have incredible pictures and selfies with the fantastic multi-colored background. You can also get a Biryani dish in the nearby eating joint.

The Indian Heritage Center is another spot worth visiting. Learn about some Indian culture by visiting the modern structure housing Indian artifacts. See exhibitions that aim to promote the Indian lifestyle in Singapore. You can also have a relaxing moment while taking great pictures in the building. The center is rarely crowded, giving you an incredible environment while moving around the building. Enjoy the exterior part of the house by observing the Indian Baoli architecture applied to the building.

Enjoy Indian Dishes

The Banana Leaf Apolo spot provides Indian foods served on fresh banana leaves. Enjoy the naturally scented food from the over 40-years experience cooking specialists. Chicken masala and biryani dishes are some of the things to eat in one of the many outlets throughout the region.

Grab a fantastic Southern Indian meal at the Komala Vilas restaurant. You can have a tremendous masala, pancake, and rice with a side of mashed potato. Besides the dish, you can enjoy a cup of South Indian coffee while viewing the cityscape. Although there are many Komala Vilas outlets around the area, experience the best taste in the 1947 outlet located along Serangoon Road.

Once a vacation visit idea comes on your mind, make a plan to visit Little India Singapore and enjoy a taste of India in Singapore. Visit incredible temples, shopping centers, and eateries, providing you with various experiences.