The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore have become one of the most iconic areas for the city-state nation. It boasts two temperature controlled greenhouses, towering SuperTrees that illuminate at night, and various gardens that host plants from all over the world. If you are taking a trip to Singapore, it’s definitely worth spend some time at the Gardens by the Bay.

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome

Singapore is known for its year-round humidity and heat due to its proximity to the equator. If you’re tired of visiting malls for its air conditioning, the two temperature controlled domes at the Gardens by the Bay are a great alternative. Unfortunately, for non-residents of Singapore, you must purchase a combined ticket that lets you into both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome for a price of S$28. For residents, you can purchase individual tickets if you’re only interested in one of the domes.

The Flower Dome features plants from different regions of the world in a cool climate at around 23 degrees celsius. You can find succulents, trees, bushes, and flowers from all different regions. There are sometimes special exhibits of featured plants such as the Cherry Blossom Festival time around spring where different strains of cherry blossom trees are displayed in a Japanese themed garden. The entire Flower Dome isn’t huge but suggest between one to two hours to walk through each area. There is also a restaurant inside the Flower Dome called Pollen which is accessible from outside of the dome.

The second climate-controlled area is the Cloud Forest Dome. Why is it called a Cloud Forest? The temperature and humidity within the Cloud Forest Dome mimics high altitude areas of the world. Some plant life can only be found at a certain altitude where it’s untouched by human waste and pollution. There’s a high chance you’ll be able to see some plant life you’ve never come across before. One of the biggest features of the Cloud Forest Dome is the indoor waterfall that you can see and feel the mist from all angles.

Going Up The SuperTree Grove

Every evening, the Gardens by the Bay has a laser show atop their SuperTrees. You can purchase tickets to take an elevator up to the SuperTree Grove Skyway to get an even better view of the light show. The lasers are coordinated with themed music such as Broadway songs for an even more sensory experience.

You can get an amazing view of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore cityscape from the Skyway. Also, there’s a nice breeze being up that high and can keep you cool from the heat of Singapore! Even if you don’t go up to the Skyway, it’s still nice to find your own spot among the SuperTree Grove and look up to see the tall, plant-covered structures that help provide oxygenated air for visitors.

Other Various Gardens

If you’d like to take a stroll with ample space and some shaded areas, take a walk through the other gardens all around Gardens by the Bay. Although the main attractions are the domes and SuperTrees, the other parts of the park are just as beautiful. There is a lot of greenery with different themes such as the Heritage Gardens which feature plants from the different ethnic backgrounds of Singaporeans like Malay, Indian, and Chinese.

There are wide paved walkways for families to roll their strollers and plenty of spots to take a rest if the heat gets to you. There are also various areas to grab some food if you need a snack or a break. If you have small children, there is even a Children’s Garden that has water spouts for kids to run through and cool down.

Whether you’re making a dedicated trip to see the beautiful plant life Gardens by the Bay has to offer or just stopping by for a peaceful afternoon, this attraction is a must see when you’re in Singapore. During weekdays, the queues are not as long although there are still a good number of tourists visiting. Don’t miss one of the biggest gardens in the world!