ArtScience Museum Singapore: Exploring Art, Science, and more like never before.

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum explores the union of art and science in the most interactive, high-tech, and inspiring way ever. Contained inside Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum comprises 21 galleries showcasing the best of art, science, technology, architecture, and culture. The galleries and exhibits at the museum are filled with ingenious ideas of the most contributing names in the fields of art and science globally. The museum houses artifacts like Jewel of Muscat, a representation of the ship gifted to Singapore by the rulers of Oman and antiquities like tools made of gold and silver, bronze mirrors, spice jars, and glazed bowls. 

The building was designed to look like an open lotus. The open lotus design forms a bowl at the rooftop, which is used to collect rainwater to feed a central waterfall in the museum.

ArtScience Museum is one of the best things in front of Singapore’s tourism scene. Advanced scientific technologies have been used to create the most mind-blowing displays. For anyone interested in art and is stopping by this island-nation, this is a must see! 

The outside already draws in a crowd but wait until you see what’s inside! Come and take a look at the best of what is being offered at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore.   

Future World: Where Art Meets Science by teamLab

Amongst the many galleries and exhibits that come and go, Future World is here to stay and will continue to amaze. Step into the future at this permanent gallery where you will be presented with various sub-galleries, each incredible in its own unique way.

With the help of futuristic technologies blended with masterful art, the makers have created various natural landscapes at the Nature sub-gallery. Other sub-galleries include Park: a digital playground for all age groups, Space: exploring the infinite universe, Town: showcasing city landscapes, and more.

Though Future World is a permanent exhibition at the museum, the displays keep changing to keep the exhibition up to date.

Galleries and Artifacts

The 21 galleries of the ArtScience Museum are a treasure chest of scientific and artistic artifacts. At the ArtScience Museum, your eyes will feast upon the best of both the scientific advancements and the evolution of art.

For instance, you will catch the sight of artifacts like a robotic fish and Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machine. Don’t forget to look for The Belitung Shipwreck Treasure and take a tour of the Tang Dynasty Shipwreck Treasure.

Your interest must have sky-rocketed after reading about all these wonderful exhibits and programs. If you are planning to drop by, let us help you with some common questions and their answers.

How to Get to the ArtScience Museum?

This museum is a part of the Marina Bay Sands located in Downtown Core, Singapore. It is easily accessible via car, bus, and MRT. If you choose to come in a car or taxi, arrive at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. That’s where you will find the museum. If you are looking for a parking lot, the nearest space is available at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

It takes 10-15 minutes to arrive at the museum from all leading MRT stations like Marina Bay Station (North Line) and Promenade Station etc.

How Long to Spend There and How Much Will It Cost?     

The answers to both questions are: it depends. It depends on how much do you want to discover. A single gallery takes up to 45-60 minutes for a full exploration trip. If you’re going to see many galleries at once and in detail, spending around 3.5-4 hours will be sufficient. Whenever you want a short break, head over to the newly-opened SweetSpot in the lobby to munch on some delicacies.

While you are wandering the galleries of ArtScience, make the best of your time by taking the World Tour of the Tang Dynasty Shipwreck. Observe closely the Arabic gold items made of Swastika and the ceramics of China. Also, don’t forget to explore the gallery housing the typical Chinese lanterns, the Kongming Lanterns.  

The cost depends on the number of exhibits you want to visit. You can explore all the displays for a standard S$30 fee for adults, which narrows down to S$27 and S$17 for seniors and children respectively. If you want to visit selective galleries or exhibits, you will have to check out individual prices. Some exhibits are also free. You can book tickets for independent shows or the entire museum trip online as well.

The museum opens every day, including public holidays from 10 pm to 7 am. There are typically no admissions after 6 pm. However, the museum offers late-night exhibits every third Thursday of the month.